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„The main thing that I feel thankful for being able to travel around magic, is that I got to know so many great people in the world of magic this past 10 years.“

Today our guest is SOMA. SOMA is a World Champion of Magic and presented his Magic in more than 30 countries. In todays interview he will share 3 advices how you can get a world champion and what inspires him most about magic.

From the conversation with SOMA

Soma’s sources of inspiration:
Sometimes movies can inspire us, I think, because they are very powerful. But then sometimes just a conversation with a friend strikes up a thought, sometimes I have a thought that it’s in a little drawer in the back of my head for, I don’t know, months or maybe years, and then something triggers it and then I act on it. I think inspirations, new ideas can come from literally anywhere and and we just have to act on it.

Soma’s reasons for doing magic
I grew up with magic. It’s been a hobby of mine and I just feel incredibly thankful that I got this chance and this life. That I can share what I do with the rest of the world and the fact that I can go on stage and do my act and people actually enjoy it. It’s like a real blessing. Not counting the fact that I don’t have to sit in an office and do something else that maybe I wouldn’t want to do. So the fact that I can do this makes me very thankful, and I’m just happy to share it and I really enjoyed being on stage to.

More thoughts from SOMA

Reasons for him being a world champion:

  1. I did skillful stuff on a high level that time. It’s not a very high level anymore, but back then it was. It did require a lot of practice.
  2. I try to create new stuff. I try to create new things. And I think that’s important. It’s a must that you have to do something new, something different from what you have seen in the world of magic. If you want to reach some kind of goal or some kind of success in the world of magic.
  3. I try to mix my act with a little bit of humor with different gags and different ideas. That would be not necessarily magic, but entertaining.

Creating emotions with magic
I think the most important thing is to get some kind of emotion out of the audience. Because if they feel something, they will remember your act much more or will remember it at all. You know, it can be happiness. It can be laughter. It can be sadness. It can be empathy. But you have to convey some kind of emotion somehow. I think that’s crucial. Not just magic in any kind of art form on stage. I think that’s crucial.

SOMAs Top 3

I think my success in magic is threefold. The fact that I practice, the fact that I create new things and the fact that I use music in a special way in my magic.

Book, website:
“Maximum Entertainment” from Ken Weber.

Final word:
If you are a magician, then keep on practicing and keep doing magic.

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